Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Sunday Afternoon

I love Sunday afternoons, especially the Sundays that we don't have to go visiting/home teaching or go to a fireside. The ones when you can just stay at home and enjoy being with our family without feeling the need to do laundry, or go outside and work in the yard, etc... We can just relax and play with our kids and enjoy each other. It makes it even better when the weather outside is nice. This was like yesterday, April 19. It was a great Sunday afternoon.
      After lunch and while Levi was sleeping we went outside in the beautiful weather and drew pictures on the sidewalk with chalk. Included in the pictures were pink elephants, butterflies, horses, and of coarse a cow drawn by Dad.


The kids were all gathered around watching Dad. 

 Austin is so proud of this drawing, as if he was the one who drew it. 

Oaklee loves to make up stories and act them out. She talks to herself and is quite funny to watch. If she wasn't 2.5yrs people would call her crazy. I love this sequence of photos though, I just wish I knew what was going on in her "story."

After playing with the chalk for a little while Levi woke up prematurely from his nap and was ornery. So, we piled up for a drive in the truck to 1. get Levi back to sleep and 2. that's another favorite Sunday activity. We drove out to past Aberdeen. The fields are all turning green. I love Spring and watching for the first signs of buds, the tulips coming up and to hear the birds returning. And, for the anticipation of summer and fun to be had in the following months.
When we got back from our drive we went downstairs and played around. I got kind of picture happy and took way too many of the same thing, my sweet baby Levi. But how can I resist when he is just so dang cute, look at those cheeks!! Oh, I want to just kiss them right now! 

And, of course Oaklee, my little diva. Once again, I wish I knew what she was thinking. 

And, last but not least, my Batman superhero!! He is so photogenic. 

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Jam Session

Our whole family loves, loves, loves when Dad gets his guitar out and sings. We all jam out to the music. My kids will dance around but they it also motivates them to exercise or something. They will run lap after lap around the couch, haha. It wears them out for bed for sure. Here are some pics of the other night's jam session. 

I might have gotten a little excessive with the baby pics, but I can't resist!!!


It also motivated Austin to be a model, check out his sweet poses.