Saturday, January 12, 2013

Brooklyn's Playground
 (Nov 8)
So I took Austin to play at this awesome playground in Pocatello. I will have to put some pics of him playing on another post. I just have to remember this story though or I will forget why I took these pictures. Oaklee was sleeping so I kept her nice and snug in her carseat while I played with Austin. There was a little girl who came over and wanted to see her. Oaklee had just barely woken up so I thought it was okay. The little girl started talking to her and touching her face, I thought all right this is still okay but started looking around for her parents. I thought the little girl was so cute and obviously loved babies but she continued to get closer and closer to Oaklee until she was practically in her carseat. I was trying to be so polite to ask the little girl to give Oaklee some space without sounding like I was reprimmanding. I hate when other people try to parent my kids. Without a parent in sight and with the girl showing no signs of backing up I decided our trip to the park was over. Austin was getting cold anyways. As we walked out I saw the girl run up to a man that was reading a book and call him Dad. The man looked up and obviously did not know what had just been happening. I laughed as I was walking out to my car wondering what sort of things Austin has done that I was oblivious to, I'm sure much worse things than admiring someone's baby!  

Random Pictures 

 I try to take pictures of Oaklee in her Sunday cloths and some of my favorite outfits.

 I love these little pink shoes, I will be sad when she outgrows them.

 I got this "little sister" outfit and Austin a Big Brother shirt. I should have gotten them both wearing them together, better do it before she grows out of this outfit. I don't put her in hats much because I love her hair, when I do though I think it makes her look younger.

 Adam playing with Oaklee. (above and below)

 Austin working really hard to do her zipper up.
  The next three are just Oaklee chilling. Not real exciting but I still want to remember her this way.

In her jammies

I am always trying tro get Austin and Oaklee to pose together. I never would have thought it would be so hard. I try and get Austin to smile at me and then Oaklee starts fussing then you get her to look at you and then Austin isn't looking or isn't smiling. You finally get both of them looking at you and you snap the picture and her hand flies up in his face. Haha oh well I take what I can get.

I love my sweet kids!!

Trip to Utah
November 3-4, 2012
We took a trip quick down to Utah. My sister Jessica and her husband Cody and their daughter Adalee live in Springville. We left friday afternoon and stayed the night at their house and then came back saturday late afternoon. Quick trip! but we were still able to have a little fun. Saturday morning Adam went with his Dad, Grandpa, uncle and brother-in-laws to go look at some land while I took the kids with Jessica and Adalee to Salem Utah. There is a very cool pond there that we walked around and Austin loved feeding the birds.

Jessica and Adalee. There were tons of birds (you can kind of see in some of the pics and video clips) and they would come right up to you. Which was pretty cool but a little bit intimidating.

You can see in this clip that Austin did not want that bird too close to him.

If you can look really closely there's a mountain sheep in the middle of this picture. This was taken by Adam on his adventure.

After we got done with the ducks and Adam's adventure we stopped and visited Adam's Grandpa and Grandma Anderson. It was the first time they got to see Oaklee. We love them very much!

Friday, January 11, 2013

Bucking Bulls
(pics taken Nov 2)

One of Austin's favorite things to do with his Dad is play "Bucking Bulls". You can tell they play it a bunch cause Adam has holes in his knees in all of his pants. Austin gets up on the couch and Adam crawls to the edge of it. Austin then says "It's Austin Adam Jim Craig (the cowboy from The Man from Snowy River) Teichert in shoot number 3". Then Austin jumps on the bull's (Adam) back. When he says "outside" the bucking begins.  

When Austin finally gets bucked off he has to get away from the bucking bull. The bull will head butt him with his head until Austin gets up and runs away or until the bull grinds him into the ground...

or until Austin gets the best of the bull.

The bull usually gets way more worn out than the cowboy but in the end they both have a blast.

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

October 31 Halloween!!
We decorated pumpkins on Monday before Halloween. It took Austin a little while to warm up to the idea of sticking his hand into the pumpkin guts but liked it after Dad showed him how cool it was. We saved the seeds and roasted them in the oven.  They turned out okay but not the greatest, I'll have to give it another try next year. 

 Here we are with our pumpkins. Austin is such a cheeser. 

 Here's Adam with the kids.

 OOOHH they are such scary pumpkins!! We actually went for somewhat scary but mostly such goofy looking pumpkins this year. 

 Haha you are redneck when... you dress your pumpkin up as cowboys and indians. I love these though they are my favorite group of pumpkins yet. I think next year I want to have a theme again. Maybe the three amigos?

 Who's the bum? Like the sign? Adam thought of the saying, the pic is really blurry so in case you can't read it it says "Help, Won't Work but Still Want Food".You can tell Austin's really excited to get his picture taken.

 ERGhh!!! What a tough football player. 

 Austin's obviously not so sure about holding Oaklee,while she's crying. 

 Okay this pic is a little better, at least he doesn't look like he wants to kill her. 

Oaklee's our little cheerleader. I made her tutu skirt and pom poms out of tulle and then cut out the Cheer and megaphone out of felt and sewed them on. Every now and then I try to pretend like I"m crafty.

The night of Halloween we went to the church for trunk-or-treating. After there was a little carnival in the church. I of course forgot to take pictures. The young women put together a spook alley that was awesome. Austin was definitely scared! Adam and the Elders Quorum did a booth where the kids had to bounce a ping pong ball into a mason jar for a prize. It was a big hit. 
Austin's 3rd Birthday September 28, 2012
Okay so I am going to back up to Austin's Birthday and work my way forward. Maybe later I'll go back further but for now I'll go to this point. 
Austin's birthday was Friday, September 28. During the day Austin had a few friends over for a little party. Activities included playing with homemade play-doh (that Austin helped me make oh and I forgot to take a picture of them playing with it), kicking a ball around outside, digging in the dirt, and playing hide-and-go-seek. 

The kids all got to decide which toppings to put on their homemade pizza. It was interesting to see the choices the kids made it ranged from only cheese with no sauce to everything on it. 

They played a game called pass-the-parcel where a present was wrapped in wrapping paper several times then passed around the circle when the music was playing. When it stopped whoever was holding the present got to unwrap one layer. The kids enjoyed it and couldn't wait for it to be their turn. In the end it was a bag of Starbursts for everyone to share. 

The kids enjoyed Woody cupcakes and ice cream. 

Then they opened presents.

All the cute kids together. 

 Played with the presents until it was time to leave.

Austin had a great time and I think the other kids did too. That evening we had a little family party where he got to open gifts from Grandpas and Grandmas, Aunts and Uncles, as well as Mom and Dad. My brother and sister Bryce and Natalie came down from BYU-Idaho to help celebrate his birthday and Austin loved it!! Right now Austin is a huge fan of Lightning McQueen and Woody from Toy Story so we had Woody cupcakes for his friends and a Lightning McQueen car cake for later. This took Mom and Dad a long time to do and you don't have to look very close to see it is severely flawed but we knew Austin would love it and not care that it wasn't perfect so it made it all worth it.

 Talk about a spoiled child!!! There is a lot of family that loves this little boy!!

 Austin had a blast opening gifts as any child would. He got lots of great things. Here's are some books from Aunt Ashlee and pictures drawn by Ali and Leah. Thanks guys!!
 Woody and Bullseye!!
 Austin trying out his Incredible Hulk gloves from Uncle Bryce. You can see the Quiet Book from Grandma and Grandpa Teichert on the table.  
Yay!! New church cloths. Thanks Great Grandma Gibb!!

Natalie and Austin checking out the new train set from Grandma Gibb. Natalie was such a trooper to get down on the ground and play with Austin what seemed like forever. 

Thank you everyone who helped make Austin's birthday a great day. I didn't show all the gifts he got but they were all awesome and he uses all of them frequently.