Tuesday, May 12, 2015

The Walker

We have this little red walker that someone gave us when Austin was born. Though we have been counseled by our doctor to not use it we have with every one of our kids and each one of them have loved it! And it's a win-win situation, they love it because they enjoy having some freedom and being able to be mobile, Mom and Dad are love it because we have a few minutes to do things with two hands!! Here are a few pictures of the kids in the walker lately. Yes Oaklee still climbs in it and plays around every now and then, the goof ball. 

We loves these pictures of Oaklee too, because they are just so...Oaklee. With the kitty blanket on her head, and her sitting in the walker with a sweet smile, it just captures our little 2.5year old. 

Saturday, May 2, 2015

Ride back from Cokeville

On our ride back from Cokeville Austin was playing with the camera on Adam's phone and he was getting some pretty cute pictures of Levi. He was getting him to really smile. Levi loves Austin and Austin loves Levi so it doesn't take much to make Levi happy when he's around Austin. 

Oakee Babe, she's already pulling the duck face for her pics. Oh, geez, we are in trouble with her.

I love, love, love her dark brown eyes. 

Friday, April 24, 2015

Little Orphan Annie

The other night we went out to dinner with our friends, the Lotts. After a while, the adults were talking and being too boring for the kids I guess because they started getting fidgety and rambunctious. Katie and Halli decided to take our kids outside to play around by the restaurant. It was a little chilly outside so the older girls wanted to make sure Oaklee wasn't cold so they wrapped her up in their jackets and scarves. Oaklee was very careful to make sure they didn't fall off of her while she walked and moved around. I can't help but laugh when I see these pics and remember how she was so somber and serious. I think it makes he kind of look like a little orphan, a cute one of course, but homeless all the same. Oh and I must say that Katie and Halli were sweethearts for taking care of her and Austin. They are going to be great little baby-sitters!!

2 year olds!?!?

 I was back in the bedroom nursing Levi and putting him down for a nap when Austin came running back and telling me to "come quick Mom", and something about you are not going to like what Oaklee has done. I couldn't understand what he was saying that she had done except for that she was on the counter. Levi was so close to going to sleep and I knew that if I could just rock him for a few more minutes I could put him down for a much needed nap. So I gave him my phone and told him to go take a picture of the "emergency". He came back with these pictures:

Ugh, chocolate milk mix, everywhere!! I told Austin to go get the can from Oaklee and put where she couldn't get to it anymore. By the time he got back from doing that I had laid Levi down and was coming out to the kitchen. I groaned. and I wish I would have not been so angry and had taken some pictures of my sweet daughter covered in chocolate mix. Oh well. Here are the few that I did take after I had started to clean up the mess. 

The photos don't really do it justice. So, I made Oaklee help me clean up the mess and then she didn't get chocolate milk for a few days. 

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Sunday Afternoon

I love Sunday afternoons, especially the Sundays that we don't have to go visiting/home teaching or go to a fireside. The ones when you can just stay at home and enjoy being with our family without feeling the need to do laundry, or go outside and work in the yard, etc... We can just relax and play with our kids and enjoy each other. It makes it even better when the weather outside is nice. This was like yesterday, April 19. It was a great Sunday afternoon.
      After lunch and while Levi was sleeping we went outside in the beautiful weather and drew pictures on the sidewalk with chalk. Included in the pictures were pink elephants, butterflies, horses, and of coarse a cow drawn by Dad.


The kids were all gathered around watching Dad. 

 Austin is so proud of this drawing, as if he was the one who drew it. 

Oaklee loves to make up stories and act them out. She talks to herself and is quite funny to watch. If she wasn't 2.5yrs people would call her crazy. I love this sequence of photos though, I just wish I knew what was going on in her "story."

After playing with the chalk for a little while Levi woke up prematurely from his nap and was ornery. So, we piled up for a drive in the truck to 1. get Levi back to sleep and 2. that's another favorite Sunday activity. We drove out to past Aberdeen. The fields are all turning green. I love Spring and watching for the first signs of buds, the tulips coming up and to hear the birds returning. And, for the anticipation of summer and fun to be had in the following months.
When we got back from our drive we went downstairs and played around. I got kind of picture happy and took way too many of the same thing, my sweet baby Levi. But how can I resist when he is just so dang cute, look at those cheeks!! Oh, I want to just kiss them right now! 

And, of course Oaklee, my little diva. Once again, I wish I knew what she was thinking. 

And, last but not least, my Batman superhero!! He is so photogenic. 


Oaklee likes to watch me and get up not the bathroom counter when I'm getting ready. She's always very curious when I put on makeup and she wants to use it on herself. And of course, she says "all by myself". So I let her put on some blush, all by herself. Haha, good times with little Oaker Babes.