Wednesday, May 13, 2015

The Jeep

Santa Claus brought this little jeep to our house last Christmas and it has been great. They kids have absolutely loved this toy. They all pile in there and ride up and down the sidewalk, around and around the house, and underneath the trampoline. They think they are pretty cool stuff when they are cruising  around. And I like it too. Whenever I want to get a little yard work done without Levi's "help" I know I have 45 min or so until the battery dies. Sometimes I wish the battery lasted a little longer but then I don't love the thought of them being vegetables in the jeep all day, and besides the longer it lasted the more I would have to do, yuck! haha.

Monday, May 11, 2015

Austin's Preschool Graduation

Austin has graduated from Preschool!! Wahoo! Austin had so much fun at the graduation. They had all the kids come in wearing a dinosaur mask, Austin's was kind of low on his face so he had to hold his head back to even see. I think most of the kids were that way so it was pretty comical. They sang a variety of songs that they learned throughout the year. Austin sang so loud, you could pick him out in every song, haha. He did great. Then they had all the kids go back and get changed into their "gown" and then got presented their diploma. It was pretty cute. 

Oaklee was getting kind of bored so she was practicing her splits. 

 What a handsome graduate. 

One of Austin's really good friends, Ryder. 

Ah, Mom and Dad are so proud!

 They had a collection of work for each kid on a spot on the wall. One of them was a picture of the first day of school and the last day of school. It was fun to see the difference in him in just one year.

Mother's Day cookies

For Mother's Day Adam decided to make some cookies. The kids wanted to do heart shaped cookies but Adam didn't want to spend 3 hours making cookies so he decided to improvise. He baked some frozen chocolate chip cookie dough we got from the YW fundraiser a year ago and then after they baked he cut them into a heart shaped. It was very sweet and they tasted great too.

It was really hard for Oaklee to not eat the cookie before I took pictures. 

Sunday, May 10, 2015

Church Cloths

I wanted to get a picture of Levi in his church cloths and mohawk so I enrolled Austin and Oaklee to help me. They held him up as best they could but you can see how much Levi was loving it and smiling so good for the pictures. Oh well, I at least got a picture. 

Saturday, May 9, 2015

Soccer Spring 2015

It has been really fun to watch Austin develop his skills as a little soccer player, and he's getting pretty good. For a 5 year old of course. He's been playing with several of the same kids since he started playing. They were undefeated this year, not that anyone is really keeping track. This age is still so fun because it's still not too serious. The parents don't get too worked up, and there is not really a referee. The kids are out there to 1-have fun, chest bump, secret handshakes, and a few cartwheels are definitely important and 2-to score a goal, it's so fun to watch them score, they get so excited, they turn around and smile at their parents, and then 3-get snacks afterwards. got to end on a good note, right?
It has been fun to watch Austin improve. He is getting pretty good. He would score several of the teams goals each game and he was getting better at stopping the ball on defense and sending it the other way. I think he kind of has knack for the sport.